An urgent campaign for surveillance education

On Friday, S.T.O.P. was proud to partner with the Yemeni American Merchants Association to deliver our latest Know Your Rights workshop
S.T.O.P partners with YAMA and other grassroots organizations across New York to educate the communities impacted most by warrantless surveillance. Our sessions highlight how community members can assert their rights when they are targeted by law enforcement.
If you would like to partner with S.T.O.P. for a free Know Your Rights or digital self-defense workshop, contact our office today

Friday’s session highlighted disturbing reports that the Trump administration is increasing efforts to strip Yemeni-Americans of their citizenship. Yemeni-Americans are seeing their passports and birth certificates revoked, and some are even being coerced to provide DNA samples that are used to challenge their family status. Know Your Rights and digital self-defense education is more important than ever, so schedule a free S.T.O.P. training today.
With thanks,
Albert Fox Cahn, Esq.
Executive Director
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