Why I joined S.T.O.P.!

Liz O'Sullivan here. I recently joined the fight here at S.T.O.P. as our resident technologist, curbing the rise of the surveillance state in New York!
I believe that New Yorkers have a right to privacy. The last thing we want is for our city to become a perfect police state where no one is free to think their own thoughts, or to voice those opinions in a public square without fear of being added to an obscure and sinister database. The S.T.O.P. team and I are working to keep us safe from that dystopian future, and I'm proud to throw my hat into the ring.
Why am I committed to this issue? I've spent the last ten years in NYC startup tech, with eight in Artificial Intelligence. I've had a first-hand education on the speed at which technology is gaining the ability to monitor us from all our devices, be they cell phones, traffic cameras, toll booths, or even the toasters in our homes. I quit my job because I refused to help companies mine and sell our data, and have pledged my time in the pursuit of transparency and accountability in algorithmic intelligence.
I look forward to working with all of you to preserve our right to privacy, and to keep our city safe from those who seek to infringe on our civil, constitutional rights.
Nice to meet you! I'll be in touch with more info to help you protect yourselves soon.

– Liz
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