Another Legal Victory!

I’m excited to tell you about yet another S.T.O.P. legal victory.
Imagine being falsely labeled a “terrorist”, your photo plastered over the internet and your reputation ruined. This was the reality for one New York man who suddenly found himself losing job opportunities—under suspicion by neighbors—because a photo aggregator wrongly used his name and image.
Working with our co-counsel at Schillings, we demanded that these images be removed and yesterday we got the good news: the photos are down! It’s just an interim victory, and we will fight to make sure they are removed permanently, but it’s a major boost to our client’s peace of mind.
At S.T.O.P., we fight to protect New Yorkers from government surveillance, but we also help those who are wrongfully swept-up in the private surveillance networks. At a time when local police departments use private databases to surveil our communities and label some New Yorkers as “threats”, these private sector errors can quickly become public safety nightmares.
Cases like this show the power of S.T.O.P.’s virtual law firm model, harnessing partnerships with leading law firms to amplify our impact in court.  No one should see the courthouse door shut in their face because they can’t afford to pay; will you help keep justice accessible to all?

With thanks,
Albert Fox Cahn, Esq.
Executive Director