Did you catch that?

We hope you’ve been keeping up with the news lately, since S.T.O.P. is in a lot of it!
On Sunday, our resident technologist, Liz O’Sullivan was featured in a story on the front page of the New York Times for her work on computer vision ethics!  And then just yesterday, she was quoted by NPR on the dangers of the FaceApp photo aging app.
Meanwhile, our executive director, Albert Fox Cahn, was quoted by the Daily Beast on the deep flaws of the NYPD’s predictive policing program. And just yesterday, he returned to the Brian Lehrer show to explain how tech companies are empowering everything from ICE’s deportation raids to discriminatory policing.
We’re so proud to drive the national conversation about privacy, explaining how corporate surveillance empowers the local government surveillance we fight. But it’s not just about shaping the narrative, it’s about reshaping our laws. We continue to hear from federal, state, and local officials who are eager to turn our privacy campaigns into reality. Learn more about our growing list of legislative campaigns.
In solidarity,
The S.T.O.P. Team
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