How We Partner:

Did you know that S.T.O.P. partners with groups across New York to educate targeted communities about surveillance?

Last weekend, we partnered with Red Canary and Hacking Hustling for our first sex worker Know Your Rights workshop. This is just one of the numerous privacy partnerships we’ve developed with area nonprofits, helping launch a new model of community-driven privacy education.

if you want to partner with S.T.O.P., whether it’s for a single training or an entire curriculum, simply fill out our request form.
For far too long, privacy education has left the most heavily-monitored communities as an afterthought. At S.T.O.P., we’re committed to reversing the model, making sure that those who face the most surveillance are at the forefront of designing privacy education. If you want to partner to develop privacy materials for your community, please submit your request today.
With thanks,
Albert Fox Cahn, Esq.
Executive Director
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