Will You Help Us Celebrate 6 Incredible Months?

It’s hard to believe that S.T.O.P. only opened our doors six months ago, which is why we’re taking the time to look back and celebrate.
Over the past week, we’ve highlighted some of our major accomplishments on social media, including our litigation wins, our city and state legislation, and our growing list of supporters. But those of you who’ve been with us from the start know that this is just a fraction of what we’ve accomplished.
More importantly, this is just the beginning of a much larger movement…but only if we have your support. This is why we’ve asked 60 new donors to contribute just $6 in honor of our 6-month anniversary.  Many have already responded, but we need your help to reach our goal.

Excitingly, our work hasn’t gone unnoticed. This week S.T.O.P. got an exciting half-birthday present from Brooklyn Community Foundation: a $15,000 grant! Like so many others, Brooklyn Community Foundation recognizes the impact our work is having on the ground, fighting surveillance and protecting privacy.  Will you join them in supporting S.T.O.P. with a donation?
With thanks,
Albert Fox Cahn, Esq.
Executive Director
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