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Earlier this year, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) introduced a pilot project known as “One Metro New York” (OMNY). OMNY incorporates a new electronic payment system that would allow riders to pay for subway and bus fares directly at the entrance of turnstiles and buses.

Despite this new system creating a new level of convenience for riders, there are many concerns that arise when dissecting OMNY. This includes the project’s weak privacy policy, its collection of a large amount of information, its ability to track users once they enter the system, and the possibility for it to be misused by government agencies to surveillance individuals.

This white paper breaks down the functionality of OMNY, the issues that arise with its data collection and protection plans, and the dangers that may come along with its implementation. Due to OMNY being a fairly new introductory project, this paper is also an introductory component to what will become an ongoing fight against the abuse of surveillance.

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