S.T.O.P.’s Professional Standards


Efective July 16, 2019

S.T.O.P. is always eager to challenge the dystopian surveillance web encircling our modern lives, we believe that there are clear limits on how we take on this fight.

  • We never support hacking

    • S.T.O.P. never encourages anyone to access computer systems without lawful permission.

  • We never “dox”

    • S.T.O.P. never maliciously publishes private or identifying information about the individuals and entities we oppose.

  • We never violate NDAs

    • S.T.O.P. never encourages anyone to violate the lawful terms of a non-disclosure agreement. While we believe that these agreements are antithetical to an open society and should be legally challenged whenever possible, we do not counsel individuals on how to pursue such challenges.

  • We never support copyright violations

    • S.T.O.P. does not encourage the unlawful use of copywritten works. We believe in the indispensable role of Fair Use and other protections in securing the open exchange of ideas.

  • We never support harassment or discrimination

    • Simply put, we’re here to fight those who target historically marginalized communities. We’ll never allow our work to be used to target those same individuals we hope to support.

Additional policies and restrictions are found in our employee handbook.